Bridges Out of Poverty offering ‘Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World’ class

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Putnam County has a newly formed coalition that is working to help those in poverty in our community.  One form of help being offered is a class called Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World, which is available through Bridges Out of Poverty.  Getting Ahead is designed to facilitate successful relationships across economic lines and provide tools to those in poverty to help them begin living a sustainable lifestyle. It is designed to support people as they move out of generational poverty. The course helps people of generational poverty figure out how the economy works and how to make different choices from those that trap them in a ‘just getting by’ economic class.  It is about helping them change their ‘mental mode’ and change their view of reality.  Each Getting Ahead class consists of approximately 12 people who attend 15 sessions. The inaugural course was in the fall of 2013 and had 10 graduates.  The next course will begin April 7. The coalition is currently looking for people interested in becoming investigators (participants) for the class. Brochures and applications are available at area food pantries, Gobin United Methodist Church and Greencastle Christian Church. For more information about the program, please contact Lori Miller at 765-653-5816.