What is a Chaplain?

The hospital Chaplain plays a vital role in the healthcare available at Putnam County Hospital. Chaplain Charles Ron Turner is available 24-hours a day and provides pastoral care, crisis intervention and spiritual support for patients and staff.

But, a chaplain can be more than a spiritual guide; he is often an understanding friend and confidant. Chaplain Turner can provide a listening ear for staff when they face professional and personal problems. Sometimes, just having someone who can objectively listen can be the greatest benefit.

Chaplain Turner, an engineer by trade, has an unconventional background for a chaplain. He completed a five-year engineering apprenticeship in Birmingham, England and served in the British Army. He then completed a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London. He furthered his studies in California, Indiana, and New York, completing a variety of courses. Turner has special interest in the arts and in various religious faiths. He attended the Living Word School of Ministry in 1990. Turner was an active member of the Living Word Church in Frankfort until he and his wife Pat moved to Greencastle. Turner has a strong Christian faith and a desire to assist those dealing with crisis.

Chaplaincy at Putnam County Hospital

Since 1982 area clergy and church lay members of Putnam County have band together to provide a Spiritual Care Ministry for the Putnam County Hospital. This Board Association established a not-for-profit organization fully supported by area churches, the United Way of Putnam County, and as of 2007, has been blessed with funding from the Hospital Administration matching what is given by the area churches.

The Chaplain’s Board is responsible for selecting a qualified hospital chaplain to insure that PCH patients receive the hospital’s goal for holistic care. The first and most recognized chaplain was the late Chaplain Bill Staley. Many still remember the vital ministry that Chaplain Staley gave to this community for 12-plus years. Following Chaplain Staley was Reverend Mike Bristol of Cloverdale, Reverend Brice Fenning of Heritage Lake, Reverend Steve Williams of Greencastle, and currently Reverend Charles Ron Turner of Greencastle.

If you would like to speak with Chaplain Charles Ron Turner, please feel free to contact him by calling the hospital at 765-301-7300.

Chapel Dedication

In 2006-2007 Putnam County Hospital began an interior renovation project that moved several departments to new and better locations. In this process, the hospital Chapel area was removed from the third floor. Since then, there have been several requests for a place of solace for patients, their families and the hospital staff. Chaplain Williams was given permission to locate a temporary space.

The new temporary chapel is located on the south hall of the fourth floor. It has become a community work project in progress! The hospital maintenance department has built a dividing wall, hung a beautiful wall mural of a flowing waterfall, and placed a simulated skylight in the center of the room. Other staff members have donated paint, carpet, and signs for directions to the chapel. The hospital Guild donated a church pew and two chairs. An individual outside the hospital donated a pulpit, and since Chaplain Williams has made one wall a display of crosses, there have been a number of individuals who have contributed to that collection.

The Chapel was dedicated on Friday, August 22, 2008 and is now open and available for use by patients and their families, visitors and staff.