Kick It Tobacco
Cessation Program

What is Kick It Tobacco Cessation Program?

KICK IT is the new Putnam County Hospital Tobacco Cessation Program. The program offers patients one on one cessation counseling that is based on best practice guidelines from the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Employees can self-refer. Patients will be referred from primary care or specialty care to work with a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) at Putnam County Hospital. The two Tobacco Treatment Specialists have been trained in Motivational Interviewing, pharmacotherapy strategies and tobacco treatment interventions. Patients will meet with a TTS for a four week session with the intent of setting a quit day at the end of the sessions or before. TTS staff will be available for telephone and offsite support for patients during business hours.


Tammy Hunter

Tammy Hunter is one of the Tobacco Treatment Specialists working in the KICKIT Tobacco Cessation Program of Putnam County Hospital.  She received her training in 2019 as part of a Tobacco System Change Grant offered by Purdue Healthcare and Indiana Rural Health Association.  She also works as an Indiana Navigator and is a certified Health Coach.