You CAN break free of tobacco. We can help.

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Most people try to quit seven to 10 times before they are successful. Each attempt is a learning experience and a step forward – not a failure.


Aspire is a multifaceted tobacco cessation program designed to help people break free from addiction and move toward a healthier life. Using a non-judgmental, personalized approach, we will help you:

  • Find renewed confidence in your ability to quit.
  • Develop a quit plan.
  • Manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Learn to cope with your triggers to smoke.
  • Learn new skills to remain tobacco free.

Tobacco plays a big part in your daily routine, and addiction to nicotine can make it feel impossible to quit, but we can help you live a tobacco-free life.


The program is FREE to all Putnam county residents courtesy of Putnam County Hospital.


Using medications can double your chance of success. Reducing cravings and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal makes it easier to focus on quitting.
There are seven FDA-approved medications for tobacco cessation, including five nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) and two prescription medications. Knowing which product to use can feel overwhelming. Our tobacco treatment specialists and physicians can help you choose the product that is best for you.


The process for quitting smoking is not the same for everyone. With Aspire, we will help you develop a personalized plan that fits your situation and specific needs and is set at your own pace.

Aspire addresses both the habit and the addiction. Our unique approach to
quitting includes:

  • Assessing nicotine dependence.
  • Determining reasons for tobacco use and motivations for quitting.
  • A quit plan that addresses triggers and rituals of smoking.
  • Goal setting.
  • Working toward setting a quit date.

Your individual sessions will take place at Putnam County Hospital via a video link with your counselor.


When educational group sessions are offered, an opportunity is provided for you to connect with others and receive additional support when you quit. Some of the topics covered include:

  • History of tobacco use
  • Understanding addiction
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition and weight management

Group classes will meet at Putnam County Hospital and be facilitated by Aspire coordinators via video link on a large classroom monitor.

Quitting tobacco can be tough, but with education, accountability and support, your chances for success will increase dramatically.

Is it your time to quit?

Making significant lifestyle changes is never easy, but quitting tobacco is without a doubt the most important change you will ever make. Even if you are not quite ready to quit, that is okay! We can help you get there. We also realize that relapse is a part of the process of quitting, and will stay with you for an entire year to help ensure you do not return to smoking. Our program does not begin or end with quitting

Call 765.301.7626 to learn more about the program or to make an appointment.