The purpose of our Emergency Department is to serve the critically ill and seriously injured patients as well as those who require immediate healthcare attention. All patients are cared for using a triage method, which means caring for life-threatening conditions first and then caring for patients with more stable conditions.

The technology the department has to offer is of the highest standards and available to the ED physician to use at his/her discretion. These tools are available to help in attaining the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient. The ED Team strives to provide the highest quality of care possible in the most expedited manner. We pride ourselves in keeping your visit length as short as possible while providing you with the highest level of treatment and emergency care. (Visit lengths will vary depending on patient condition and department load.)

Putnam County Hospital is proud of the Emergency Department services that we provide to our community. Our staff is committed to meeting your emergency needs. Please know – YOU are in good hands should an emergency arise!