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  • If offered employment, a criminal background check will be conducted, as well as a urine drug screening test.

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Putnam County Hospital

Code of Conduct and Commitment to Co-Workers

For the best outcome for our department and organization, it is important that we grow and develop not only individually but also as a team. The following attributes outline the commitment for all team members. You may develop your own additional personal code of ethics related to your workplace behaviors and incorporate them as both personal and professional goals.

  • I will honestly and truthfully represent my patients, their families and the organization.
  • I will do nothing less than the best of my ability with each task assigned.
  • I will perform and complete all duties in a professional and timely manner.
  • I will remain focused and organized in all professional matters.
  • I will maintain professionalism when working with my patients, their families and co-workers.
  • I will not misuse company time.
  • I will not hurt others as a means of professional advancement.
  • I will work diligently to be properly prepared for my position’s responsibilities through training and independent development.
  • I will discuss concerns regarding my professional development with my department coordinator.

As a team member of Putnam County Hospital, I share the goal of providing excellence in care to the individuals, families and community members we serve. I commit the following regarding my co-workers.

  • I will accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with every staff member. I will talk with the person promptly if I am having a problem with him/her.  The only time I will discuss it with another person is when I need advice or help in deciding how to communicate.
  • I will establish and maintain a relationship of functional trust with every member of the team. My relationships will be equally respectful, regardless of job titles or levels of educational preparation.
  • I will not engage in bickering, back-biting or complaining and will ask you not to as well.
  • I will not complain about another team member, and ask others not to as well. If I hear others doing so I will ask management to talk with that person.
  • I will accept others as they are today, forgiving past problems and ask others to do the same with me.
  • I will be committed to finding solutions to problems, rather than complaining about them or blaming someone for them, and ask others to do the same.
  • I will affirm the team’s contribution to patient care.
  • I will remember that none of us are perfect, and that human errors are opportunities, not for shame or guilt but for forgiveness and growth.

By clicking “I Agree” button, I acknowledge and agree with the Code of Conducts at Putnam County Hospital and will now be invited to apply to be a part of the Putnam County Hospital team.