PCH Guild
Gift Shop

The Hospital Gift Shop is located inside the Main Entrance of the Hospital. The Gift Shop is fully operated by the Hospital Guild.


The Guild has been serving the hospital long before the move to the current location in 1979. Today they stock and operate the gift shop located to the right of the hospital’s main information desk and they periodically organize special sales. All proceeds from these events find their way to either the Putnam County Health Careers Scholarship Fund housed at the Community Foundation or to answer special needs the hospital may have. Aside from sales, Guild members make rounds in the hospital with the “cheer cart”, work in the therapy department, lab, medical records and the business office, to mention just a few. Membership is open to those who apply and successfully pass the required criminal background check, a tuberculin skin test, and complete a general hospital orientation session. Guild members volunteer 5,000+ hours annually at the hospital.

If you would like to become a Guild Volunteer, please see a Guild member in the Hospital Gift Shop or complete the membership application.