Hospice and
Palliative Care

The Putnam County Hospice and Palliative Care Association is a partnership between the Putnam County Hospital and the Putnam County Community Foundation and is funded through an endowed gift to the foundation by the estate of Mary Louise Miller. We are a group of community members, health care providers, clergy, educators, and others who have come together around the common belief that all residents of Putnam County should know about and experience the benefits of hospice and palliative care. We are here for you and your family to help you identify your standard of care in advance of when you need it, to help you create documents that let others know the manner in which you want others to care for you in your time of need, and to facilitate these important conversations with you and your loved ones. We do this through individual consultation, workshops, and community information sessions. We also work with medical providers to be sure they know about and have the resources to have meaningful conversations with patients about quality of care at every stage of life. For more information and link to resources, please visit our website: www.pchpca.org.