Putnam County Hospital loosening restrictions on elective services and procedures

Putnam County Hospital would like the community to know that the hospital and clinics are open, and
they are continuing to provide exceptional healthcare close to home. The providers of Putnam County
Hospital would like to urge our community to not delay needed care. PCH is offering both in-person and
virtual visits.

Dr. Lisa Martin, Putnam Pediatrics and Internal Medicine said, “As we move cautiously forward in this
new health care environment, it is important for us to take the next steps for our children’s wellness and
to get them caught up on their immunizations. Childhood vaccines protect our children from a variety
of serious and potentially fatal illnesses including measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and polio
(among many others). These vaccines are a vital step in protecting our youngest family members as
they grow. At the practices of Putnam County Hospital, we are committed to work hand in hand with
our community to provide the best of care each and every day, it is our mission and our privilege.”

Primary Care Offices are open and ready to serve you!

Putnam County Hospital Physician practices have served patients throughout the pandemic.
Each practice continues to operate normal business hours by seeing patients in person and through
telehealth visits.

Whether located inside our hospital facility or at our North Putnam or Cloverdale locations, each
practice will continue to screen patients at the entrance of their facility. All patients will be asked to
bring a mask or one will be provided to wear at all times inside the facility. We ask that patients come
to their visit alone unless they are a child under the age of 18 or the patient needs the assistance of a
caregiver or guardian.

Our offices are contacting patients to schedule appointments that may have been rescheduled after
May 18th, 2020 to accommodate the stay at home order. We welcome you to contact your provider
office to schedule your next visit. We are ready to serve you and look forward to taking care of you

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm
Putnam Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
North Putnam Family Healthcare
Family Medicine of Cloverdale

Putnam Prompt Care continues to have the same convenient hours!

Office hours are:
Monday – Friday 9:00am-9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm

How do you make an appointment at one of our ancillary or
specialty clinics?

Putnam Specialty Clinics located on the 3rd floor of the hospital will return to seeing patients on May
4th. Please see our May calendar by visiting www.pchosp.org for the specialist schedule. Specialists will
be returning on a limited basis.
Cardiopulmonary Rehab will resume services for Phase 2 rehab only on May 18th
. We will operate on
limited hours and will also limit the number of patients allowed in the clinic during any given hour.

Pain Management: If you are an existing patient, please call our office to schedule your appointment. If
you are interested in becoming a patient of the Pain Management Center, please call your Primary Care
Provider and request a referral be sent to our office. Our office staff will call you to schedule your new
patient appointment after we receive your referral.

Putnam Women’s Healthcare, Putnam Surgical Specialties, Putnam Rheumatology, Putnam Occupational
Health continue their regular office hours Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Please contact
your specialty provider for an appointment.

Johnson Nichols Clinic will reopen to patients on May 18th
. The office will reopen at 8:00am. Please
contact the office to schedule your appointment – 765-301-7380.

WIC-will continue provide care via telehealth through May 31st. Patients may continue to contact the
main WIC phone number 765-301-7380 to speak to their WIC Care Coordinator.

Radiology: The radiology team is scheduling appointments in all modalities (Mammography, MRI, Cat
Scan, General X-ray, Ultrasound, Bone Density, Nuclear Medicine, etc.) between the hours of 8a-4p. All
procedures are being scheduled 30 minutes apart to ensure appropriate distancing. Patients are
screened for symptoms over the phone during the scheduling procedure. At the patient arrival for the
scheduled imaging exams a department representative will greet the patient in the parking lot and
escort patients to the department after a screening has been completed. The department
representative/escort will ensure appropriate distancing and appropriate safety measures throughout
the visit. The equipment is cleaned before and after each exam. Exam results will be provided to
patients providers immediately following each exam.

Surgery Center: Patients who have already seen the surgeon and need a procedure—The Surgery
Department will contact you to schedule your procedure date and time within the next couple of weeks.

How We Are Keeping You Safe

We are taking many precautions to keep our patients and staff safe throughout the hospital and

– Masks are mandatory for all patients. If a patient does not have a personal mask we a providing a
complimentary mask for the patient to keep as their own.

-All Patients will get their temperature checked

-A staff member from PCH will escort the patients to the correct office or area of the hospital.

Putnam County Hospital would like to remind the community that it is imperative for
individuals take action to avoid COVID-19 and prevent its spread. A number of preventive steps

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are
    not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, especially with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are showing symptoms of illness.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Cover your cough or sneezes with a tissue or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Throw the tissue in the garbage and make sure to clean your hands afterwards.
  • Stay home when you are sick.

The administration and staff of Putnam County Hospital would like to thank the community for
all of the love and support that they were shown over the last several weeks.
Putnam County Hospital; providing exceptional healthcare close to home.