State-of-the-art MRI for PCH

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MRIPutnam County Hospital and PCH Radiology Department announce the installation of the GE Healthcare Optima MR450w 1.5T, a new MR (magnetic resonance) system.

The Optima MR450w will give Putnam County Hospital the newest scan technology available, providing the highest image quality possible on 1.5T MR MRI systems. This latest generation of MRI units features a larger bore aperture, as well as a shorter magnet length, allowing for the patient’s upper torso/head to be outside the magnet for many examinations.

The 16-channel system allows scanning of multiple areas of anatomy and also carries a high magnetic strength (1.5 tesla), resulting in shorter scan times which reduces the amount of time the patient is on the table. These features allow the Optima MR450w to offer more comfort and less anxiety, especially for those patients who are prone to claustrophobia.

Putnam County Hospital‘s goal is to give every patient the very best in care,” Putnam County Hospital Radiology Department Manager Paul Sanders said. “With the newly installed Optima MR450w, we are able to give quick, comfortable, patient-friendly scans, all while receiving the highest quality images available.

Putnam County Hospital Radiology Department is excited to offer our community the Optima MR450w along with the newly installed Optima CT660, our low-dose CT scanner that offers the highest quality images available, along with services such as cardiac scoring and lung cancer screens,” Sanders added. “The acquisition of these two state-of-the-art systems completes the year-end capital investments for our state-of-the-art imaging services.”

For more information on other imaging services, persons may call the Putnam County Hospital Radiology Department at 655-2612, or log on to Putnam County Hospital and click on Radiology/Imaging Services.