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Team members from the Putnam County Hospital Emergency Department, including Dr. Anthony Heavin, Sondra Bowen, RN, Riki Harlos, RN, Candi Rode, RN, Jan Stearley, RN, Karla Dean, RN and Jen Balka, RN, attended the Neonatal Outreach Education Program, held at the Rural Health Innovation Collaborative Simulation Center in Terre Haute, IN, on March 28, 2014.

The purpose of this exercise was to better prepare the Emergency Department teams of critical access hospitals that no long have an OB unit, such as Putnam County Hospital. Because there is no OB unit, it is critical that the Emergency Department be as prepared as possible to care for these patients. The all-day education program included hands-on scenarios using the Simulation Center’s state-of-the-art/high-tech infant mannequins to review different delivery scenarios including pre-term deliveries, high risk deliveries and neonatal resuscitation and stabilization.

Putnam County Hospital Emergency Department Charge RN, Candi Rode, stated, “This course provided a wealth of information, through classroom education and “hands-on” scenarios, focusing on obstetrical and neonatal emergencies.  The high-tech simulation center provided a unique opportunity to prepare ourselves for emergent situations we may encounter in the ED. This clinical experience not only strengthened my individual nursing skills, but also our dynamics as a nursing team in the Emergency Department.”

Putnam County Hospital Emergency Department strives to exceed patient expectations every day. Providing staff with continuous educational and training opportunities assures our patients and community that they will be cared for by qualified and caring healthcare professionals. Every patient. Every time.