Putnam County Hospital Hosts Ebola Preparedness Meeting

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Putnam County Hospital hosted an Ebola Preparation meeting on November 10, 2014. Steve Walters, Putnam County Hospital Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, opened the round table meeting at 9am. The purpose of this meeting called by the hospital was to ensure the community healthcare workers and emergency responders were all coordinated in their efforts of being prepared for a possible case or outbreak of Ebola in the area.

Discussions included input from Dr. Heavin and Lisa Zeiner from the Putnam County Health Department, informing the group on the county’s preparedness. Steve Walters, Putnam County Hospital Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, reviewed with the group the hospital’s communication plan, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and isolation rooms. Christine Vandermark, with Putnam County Hospital Infection Control, remarked on hospital procedures and monitoring, while Kendra Koon, Putnam County Hospital Emergency Department Manager, also discussed procedures in the Emergency Room, should a patient come in with Ebola-like symptoms. Paramedic Jerry Cox with Putnam County Operation Life, Assistant Fire Chief John Burgess representing the Putnam County Fire Departments, Dave Costin with Putnam County Dispatch, Tom Helmer with Putnam County EMA, and Mayor Sue Murray also participated in the round table discussion.

Steve Walters states, “The meeting gave us the opportunity to see how prepared we are, and how we will respond when needed. We feel that our planning and preparedness are coming together and we will be ready”.